Compile Format Exchange

Is there a place where users can post or exchange .scrcompile files?

Not really. Here? Maybe we can be awarded a :round_pushpin:?

Academic 2023 Vince.scrformat (50.5 KB)
I will start then.

Here a modified version for the Modern exporting composition.
It is nothing special, and meant for simple but elegant academic (and non) projects.

My “inspiration” was the Palatino template from iA Writer.
Strangely Scrivener did not have something similar, unless I am in for a big miss here.

Let me know if it is useful and works for you.


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Interesting idea. Would be useful to have a library of compile formats that match the style sheets of various/major publishers rather than each of us having to redo that work.

Ulysses has a free export format exchange. Scrivener should have one too.

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