Compile formats


A quick question. Apologies if this has been answered before; I can’t find it in the forums.

I’m about to compile my 100,000 word thesis. I am both unhappy with the default compile “formats” and finding it difficult (time-consuming when time is of the essence) to create my own.

Do people ever share compile formats (if that is even a technical possibility), and if so, are there some good templates out there for a doctoral dissertation?


Hi Cinepou,
This is a very broad question, and probably not as simple as saying ‘here, use my template’. I am near the end of my PhD and have spent considerable time getting the compile template setup. There are still a couple of minor tweaks I need to do post-compile but I know what they are and so can do quickly.
However, I am doing a purely qualitative work, so no quant analysis etc which would introduce a very different set of questions for the compilation. As it stands I compile to rtf, scan in Word to create the bibliography, create ToC using headings that are imported with compile, …
I know this does not answer your question, and happy to give more granular detail, if this is the kind of problem you are trying to solve (eg you may be using markdown etc which I am not)