Compile formatting bugs in 1.5.7.

I have documents inside of a named folder, and have the compiler set to include the title of the folder as text in the compiled document.

For example, a folder named “Chapter 1” with the text centered and 6 lines of padding inserted before it.

When compiled, the line padding is correctly added, but the text string is not set on its own line and centered. Instead, it’s set on the same line as the text of the first document in that folder.

Inserting paragraph breaks as prefixes/suffixes does not allow the text string to be properly formatted, either.

However, if I insert something like this in the suffix field for the folder formatting:

(paragraph break)
(paragraph break)

Then the line breaks will print properly, and the final character–“X”–will be included flush with the first line of text from the first document in the folder.

I haven’t changed my formatting settings for several versions, and this formatting used to work fine. It seems there’s a bug that’s mashing up the final character and/or line of a folder with the first document it contains.

The point about the empty lines in the suffix being removed when not followed by any other text for that document.

Currently, empty lines in the suffix are removed when not followed by other compiled text for that element. That one is already on the list to be changed, so that you can use the suffix to provide padding between the title of one document and the following text of another.

I’m not familiar with the run-in problem that you’re having, however, and wasn’t able to reproduce it in some quick testing, so if you could provide some more information on your compile settings for that, I’d much appreciate it. Screenshots of the binder and the different compile panes might be easiest. The compile areas of particular interest are Contents, Separators, and Formatting. For the binder, it would help to see at least a portion of the Draft that includes documents and folders exhibiting this problem of the title getting jammed into the beginning of the following text, along with an indication of the folder where it’s occurring. That will help map the hierarchy of the relevant documents to the compile formatting settings. Also, what format are you compiling to and what program are you using to view the compiled document?