Compile Formatting Changing Levels (rules?)

New Problem now that I’m compiling with Collections (just learned this tool… very cool concept & time saver for formatting ebooks and box sets)—I didn’t have this before using collections, so there must just be something I’m missing.

I have a folder that’s Book One and the sub folders are chapter titled. Unfortunately, Level 1 is pulling them all the same so my chapters show up as Book 1, 2, 3, etc

I added a sublevel but in the Binder none of the folders are highlighted.

How do I get level 1 to behave and only highlight the uppermost level folder, and the level 2 to highlight the next level down (chapter folders)?

Screep caps attached.

From Section 24.7 of the user manual:

So collections are great, but because by their very nature, they take documents out of the “hierarchy”, you end up with a flat linear list. One solution that has worked for some is found in 24.7.2, to use a Binder selection, for compile which does retain hierarchy:

That’s what I figured out. I didn’t run across that section in the manual (is it near the end?) Thanks for finding that because THAT is the definitive answer.

So yeah, instead of using Collections as my super easy solution to a very labor intensive effort for each book (since Collections by their nature flatten the hierachy), I’m going to use the Manuscript/Book 2 folder as the container as the compile group.

What I guess I have to do then too is (within the Binder) take all my end matter documents, duplicate them so I can sort out specific documents applicable to each book, then pull these new “end matter” folders into the last folder position for each Book folder in the Binder. Theoretically using each Book folder as the compile group container I’ll still have access to the appropriate end matter docs.

Thinking on that… it actually could work for the box set because I can place folders for the box set in the same manner, then I’d just be using the normal “Manuscript” compile group anyway.

Still labor intensive creating three separate books then a box set, but… what can you do… limit of the app at the moment. Once each ebook and POD file is published anyway, I won’t be going into the project again.

I would hope Scrivener would be open to modifying collections to maintain hierarchies (making the compiles for different books and box sets SOOOO much easier). Not sure how to express that in the wish list forum. Have to think about it.