Compile formatting problem

Regards, everyone - happy Monday!

I’m having a problem with compile in that my ‘Part One, Two’, etc. headings won’t line up. (Attached screenshot.) Have tried lining up using line spacing/indentation in Compile, but in the Word doc the ‘Title’ bit still comes out with a space in front of it, out of line with the (section layout) prefix.

I know I can fiddle with it in Weird later on but that’s not the point, is it? I should be able to line everything up in Compile.

Please help?

And many kudos in advance, oh superior Scrivener minds - at least to mine!

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I’m assuming that in the binder, your first part is a folder named ‘1992 Blindside’ – i.e. you’re not typing it into the Editor – and the ‘Part One’ is generated automatically at compile?

If that’s the case, the obvious thing to try first is the compilation setting for your document. Go to the Compilation dialogue advanced settings, under the Formatting panel and highlight the relevant type of element (e.g Folder, Document Group etc), so the Parts are marked yellow in the binder.

Then click on Section Layout in the dummy text box below. You should see something like

Part <$w> [or <$t:part>]

then a couple of blank lines. Check to see if the last blank line has a space in front of the paragraph mark. If it does, remove it, then accept the changes and test the compilation again to see if it’s fixed.