Compile freezes - again...

Dear Team,

I have been a happy Scrivener user for another two months now. I was in touch with what turned out to be a bug with empty footnotes on 6 Sep, which was swiftly resolved by Keith. In the meantime, I have installed Scrivener v. (14996).

Today I needed to export a raw draft version for print again. I hit compile, choose the documents I want to be included and selected Print. This time, the progress bar does not move from left to right very far, just about 5% of the whole length and there it remains infinitely. Even waiting for half an hour it does not disappear. Hitting Cancel and reopening the Compile window just produces the same window with the progress bar in the same position again. And no file is being produced.

I’m still on a MacBook Pro 15’’-Intel Core 2 Duo-2,8 GHz-8GB RAM running Mac OS X 10.7.2 now.


Hi Harald,

I’ve split this from into a separate thread - please start new posts for new bugs rather than replying to a thread about something else, thanks.

Could you please zip up and send me your project, to kb-tech-support AT literatureandlatte DOT com, so that I can take a look?