Compile Generates No Files (v1.7.2)

I’ve used Scrivener for Mac for 2 years and have been largely happy with it. This is my first time attempting to compile a document for Scrivener for Windows.

I’ve hit the “Compile” button and selected all the required text files within my project. Scrivener prompts me for a location to save my output file to and tells me it’s working (the “Compiling Files” box pops up; the “Converting Files” progress bar pops up, advances to about 4%, then Scrivener tells me it’s done). However, no file appears - I go to the location indicated and there’s nothing.

I’ve tried this with the custom format I use for manuscripts and the default “Manuscript” format. I’ve tried this with the output type set to .docx files, .doc files, and to .pdf. There is no difference - Scrivener tells me it’s compiled a file, and yet no file is compiled.

Wish I had a solid answer for you, but I don’t.

What I can offer are some possibilities as a starting point. Some of it is basically process of elimination.

Try a different project and see if you can get it to compile.

Try a new project, created from scratch on the PC, and see if you can get it to compile.

Check in File > Compile > Formatting and make sure that at least one of the levels, probably the bottom one (page icon Level 1+), has a checkmark in the Text column.

Doublecheck the destination offered/selected during Compile.

To be paranoid, try pointing it somewhere else, perhaps Desktop or Documents.

If you are watching the destination via an already open instance of File Explorer or My Computer, be sure to do a refresh of the view, or exit and relaunch it, after compile says is complete, to assure you are seeing a current view.

Uninstall/re-download/reinstall Scrivener.

What version, if any of Microsoft Office/Word, is present on the PC?

What antivirus/antimalware software is present on the PC?

Post back and let folks here know how it goes.

Hope that is of some assistance.

This helped, actually. A little trial-and-error and I was able to export my project as an .rtf file, just not a .doc or a .docx. I replicated this error on other projects, too.

I’m reaching out to the support email with this in mind; it may help them narrow it down. Thanks!

It sounds like the default export converters aren’t working for you, so I’d try just changing those. In Tools > Options…, select the Import/Export tab, then click Export Converters. The left drop-down menu will show the format, the right will show the converters. If DOC, DOCX and PDF are all using Microsoft Office, try selecting RTF-Based, Scrivener, and Scrivener respectively, then compiling again.

What version of Microsoft Office do you have installed? The converters should work with 2007-2013, but there’s a bug with identifying Office 365, which is not supported as it uses a different API. If it’s being identified as Office 2013, the converters will appear as options in Scrivener (and the defaults at that) but they won’t work.

If you have one of the supported versions of Office, are you running any anti-virus software? There’s an issue we’ve run into a few times where BitDefender prevents the converters from running (most likely flagged because they access the Microsoft Office libraries for the conversion), and that might be the problem here. If your security software has flagged Doc2Any or VeryDoc, you’ll need to whitelist that and potentially reinstall Scrivener to get the files back in place if you want to use Microsoft Office for the DOC, DOCX and PDF conversions.

This worked! Thanks for your help. :smiley: