Compile generates scrivlnk in TOC

In Scrivener 3 for Windows, I’m having an issue with hyperlinks in my TOC when compiling to ODT or RTF. I’ve been all over the compile settings and the manual, but haven’t found a solution.

I created the TOC by selecting my documents in the binder and using Edit → Copy Special → Copy Documents as TOC. Then I pasted the result into a document in my front matter folder.

After compiling to RTF or ODT, the TOC is hyperlinked, but not with internal links to locations within the document. All the links are scrivlnks, and when I click on them, Windows wants to open the original document inside my project in Scrivener.

I do not have “insert links back to Scrivener” checked in the compile settings, in case that’s relevant.

Any ideas about what setting I’ve overlooked, or if I missed a step when setting up my TOC?