Compile Glitch

I am trying to compile my ebook and when I hit compile and click the down menu to change from “Custom” to “ebook”, it erases all of the info (title, author, description). So then I reset to ebook, again and as soon as I start typing it changes back to custom. It didn’t do this the other day, but now I am making revisions and it is giving me trouble. Please advise.

“Custom” just means that it has been edited, so once you start entering your information or changing any settings it will say “Custom”. Your compile settings are always saved in the project if you compile or if you choose Save & Close, but you can also choose “Save Preset” to create a new preset in the pop-up menu that you’ll be able to reload in other projects or if you want to revert to those settings after making other changes.

Thank u!! :slight_smile: