Compile group contents fly out menus

I just noticed. When using the Compile Group drop down (area 1 of Figure 22.1 in the manual) if you navigate into a subfolder that has more than 100 or so items, the fly out menu shows all the items in that folder, obscuring the previous level of the menu making it impossible to click on the folder.

…I hope that makes sense, I’d provide a screenshot, but all the examples that I have currently are confidential…

It’s no problem to get around that through selecting with the keyboard, but I wonder whether it might be better to only show X number of items on a flyout menu like that and have some sort of scrolling mechanism - that way the contents wouldn’t obscure any higher level.

If that’s not clear, let me know and I can work up an example that I can actually post for you.

Thanks for the report. I know what you’re describing–this has come up as problem with the menus in a few other areas, and it’s on our list to try and revise their behaviour essentially how you describe, with a scrollable single column list.

Any chance we could have a user setting to adjust the latency of flyouts generally? Especially in document menus such as those on Go To and Move To, it can be a challenge to reach the desired doc.

If your document name is a little long, and you wish to reach a subdocument, you’ll need to describe a precise “L” (sideways and reversed) with your cursor, or you’ll lose the menu. Fine motoring required. Whereas if your submenu can be configured to stay visible a little longer, your cursor can take an arced, or a direct diagonal route, leaving the base path ever so briefly to reach its destination with less strain on eyes, wrists and elbows.

Responsiveness sells, of course. Ideal would be immediate highlighting of the item the cursor is on, but some way to control the lag on the flyouts if possible.

Thanks for considering – Jerome