Compile has caused corruption of my files.


I just tried to compile 4 chapters. I selected the Word option. After the compile was complete, I was unable to open the document. A window opens that says “This file is unable to run because of missing or corrupted files. Please contact your computer manufacturer”

All My Word documents have been effected and they now have an orange icon instead of the blue “W” icon for Word.

If I open Word first, I can open the docs. Also there are now documents in my recent history that I did not put there, at least they are there, but when I click them, a window tells me that a shortcut has been deleted or moved. These are not my documents but I don’t want to delete anything until I hear back from you.


Liz Tully

It sounds like your default application for opening .doc files has changed, possibly just from new software you’ve installed. You can reset that to MS Word by following Microsoft’s instructions here (for XP) or here (for Vista, I think the same for 7 and possibly 8).

The “Recent History” list is just a bunch of shortcuts, so by clearing it you won’t be deleting any files, just removing them from the list. Given that the shortcuts don’t point anywhere anyhow, you certainly won’t lose anything by getting rid of them.