Compile -> Header / Footer don't work in rtf export

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I’m probably just too dumb – I can’t get headers or footers to work when compiling for .rtf output. The settings seem fine, but nothing shows up when opening the document in Textedit or Pages.

Latest Scrivener built, latest Lion built (7.1).

These are my settings.



The problem is that you’re opening the RTF file in TextEdit and Pages, neither of which fully supports the RTF spec; in particular both will strip headers, footers, footnotes, comments and images when opening RTF files. If you open the file in Word, Nisus Writer, Mellel, OpenOffice or another program that properly supports RTF, you will see the header and footer.

TextEdit doesn’t support headers and footers at all; Pages supports them but only for the .pages, .doc and .docx formats. Unfortunately the .pages format is private (only Apple know it), and I rely on the standard OS X .doc and .docx exporters (the ones Apple provide to developers, not the ones they use themselves in Pages) which have the same problem as Pages’ RTF translators (no headers, footers etc), so it’s a bit of a catch-22 when it comes to Pages. The best way of getting work out to Pages is to export as RTF and then open the RTF in OpenOffice or Word, then save it to .doc or .docx, and open that in Pages.

Please do take a moment to ask the Apple Pages team for better RTF support:

While in the long run I would like to provide better .doc and .docx exporters (a massive job requiring more people), the RTF format is comparatively straightforward to support and Apple have more team members - it would take them very little time to add full RTF support to Pages if they wanted to, so hopefully the more people that ask, the more likely they might be to implement it in Pages '12 or '13 or whatever.

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Thanks, Keith, for your detailed answer. I will send feedback to Apple – I had a PPC version of MS Office that’s not supported anymore in Lion, I will probably go back to Snow Leopard as this is not my only gripe with 10.7. (although I love Scriveners new full screen mode, working with the corkboard and an editor full screen in split view).

In the meantime, I’ll just use pages to add headers and footers.

Thanks again for making this software – it got me through three theatre plays, countless articles and a novel this year alone.



Blimey, you’ve had a productive eight months!

Thanks for the kind words.
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I think it’s called the ‘Scrivener Effect’… :smiley:

Is this problem limited to Pages and TextEdit? I just had the same issue with MS Word (Mac 2008). I compiled and customized headers but when I opened the file in Word the headers were not there.

Yes, it’s limited to Pages and TextEdit, and other RTF editors that don’t fully support all RTF features. Headers and footers definitely work in Word 2008 - did you definitely export using RTF and not DOCX?

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