Compile Help Please


I am trying to compile a novelette to .mobi for Kindle. I don’t want a contents page but regardless of what settings I use, a contents page is generated automatically and inserted straight after the cover and before the title page. I cannot see how to remove this. Any help much appreciated.


Update 1 Nov:

Since my original post, I have learned one way to deal with the above. I am posting it here in case it is of help to others.

If you use the Windows version of Scrivener the table of contents will be generated automatically and placed immediately after the cover page with no option to change this. A workaround is as follows - compile as an epub file in Scrivener, download Sigil which is a free, open source, multi-platform ebook editor. In Sigil you can move the contents page to where you want it or even delete it. Then you save the epub file and when you open in Kindle Previewer it will be converted to a .mobi file which can up uploaded to Amazon.

Hello MBaker,
Although you can generate a table of contents in Scrivener, I believe that the Kindlegen software that you are using generates its own. Not sure this can be disabled in Scrivener, although it can be turned off in your viewer. Maybe someone will be along later with a better understanding of the problem.

Thanks broadsides. Much appreciated.

If you are aiming for a Kindle book on Amazon you have no choice:

"A working table of contents allows your readers to jump directly to the chapter or section they want. This feature is so important to Kindle customers that Amazon requires all Kindle books with chapters or sections to have a working table of contents. You can build one using Microsoft Word (see Microsoft Help pages for more information on creating and formatting Table of Contents). "

Mbaker, thanks for the Nov 1 update. I had been pulling my hair out trying to find an easy way to move and edit the TOC. Hopefully someday Scrivener will allow us to place the TOC where we want and to select only the pages we want included (who needs the copyright page in the TOC???) Your solution was very easy to do and worked like a charm. Thanks again!