compile help

How do I set margins in the compile help. Also why does the ruler in the formatting section extend to 17 inches even though I’ve set my page set up to be 8.5 x 11.
One other question: when compiling there are random carriage returns that do not appear in the original text. How do I get rid of them?

All of those sorts of settings are in the Page Settings compile option pane. You can set paper and margin sizes here, as well as headers & footers, and advanced offset margin layouts for binding. Since these get applied to the document as you compile, they have no bearing upon the editor itself. That is why the ruler is just an abstract ruler in the editor.

Carriage returns: how random are we talking about here? There are a few places where the compiler could inject carriage returns, but they wouldn’t be random (though I suppose it could appear that way if the procedural logic is unknown). The most common of these is the Separators compile option pane. Most of the default compile presets and templates include an empty line between components in the outliner, for example. So between two text items it would insert an empty space. This is common for fiction, to note when a scene shifts within a chapter. You can disable that by setting the separator types to single line.

thank you !