Compile Help

Should be easy to do this, but it’s frustratingly not! How do I compile a novel like this?

PART 1 (folder) -> CHAPTER 1 (folder) --> Section Text
PART 2 (folder) -> CHAPTER 1 (folder) --> Section Text
PART 3 (folder) -> CHAPTER 1 (folder) --> Section Text

Everything I’ve done doesn’t reset the chapter numbers at the beginning of new part. Please help!

Yes, this is fairly easy to do, and there are several ways to go about it, but if your numbering scheme is exactly as you describe and no more complex, then you might be good just using <$n> for parts and <$sn> for chapters. The latter also prints a numeral, but is designed to automatically reset whenever <$n> is incremented.

If you need anything more complex, then let me know and I can provide other solutions.

Works great except for that part number I can’t get rid of. Shows up as “1Title”.

My guess would be you have the <$n> token in the prefix field and the Title checkbox enabled. If you just want to print “Part 1” without the binder folder name, then disable the checkbox and type Part <$n> into the prefix field.

But I want the title name underneath or beside it.

Then putting “Part <$n> -” into the prefix field and leaving the Title checkbox on should do the trick. Just think of the title line like this:


All of these can exist independently from one another. Any components separating the items need to be typed into the PREFIX or SUFFIX field. So if you want the title on a line below the “Part 1”, then make sure to put a carriage return into the prefix box. Once you have these elements showing up correctly in the preview area, you can style them independently (if they are on separate lines they can even have their own paragraph formatting as well).

finally worked thanks