Compile Help

I’m trying to compile my finished book from the contents of my collection but when I start the process only a few pages are listed. How can I compile the entire contents of the collection?

I can’t recall how the different elements, i.e. binder, collection, folder, draft, etc. Interact/interrelate.
I am feverishly researching myself of course but this a hitch that is preventing me from sending to the publisher. Your help would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks very much!

The right-hand pane of the Compile command allows you to select what files to include and what Section Types should be assigned to them. If a section is missing, it probably either (a) is not selected at all, or (b) has a Section Layout that does not include the body text.


Hello Katherine,
Thank you for your reply and assistance. I’m aware of the selection in the right-hand pane. But somehow other pages not selected are included in the compiled manuscript.
A secondary question: if I’ve got a “Draft” folder and then create a “Draft copy” folder and both are in the binder from which will the compile take the files?

If a page not selected via the Contents pane is included in the output document, there are three possibilities:

  • It’s a Front Matter file.

  • It’s included via the <$include> placeholder.

  • It’s included as part of the criteria for a filter or similar search mechanism, and you simply overlooked it.

A Scrivener project always has exactly one Draft folder, created as part of the original project, and that is the folder from which the Compile command always draws. The “real” Draft folder can be renamed, but cannot be deleted or “demoted” from its special status.


Thanks again. So my creation of a “Draft copy” folder (and editing pages in it) was not a wise thing to do then? Is it safe to delete the “Draft copy” folder as long as no new documents were placed in it?

There’s nothing wrong with creating a “Draft copy” folder: lots of people do that to keep versions separate. Just be aware that the output document will reflect what’s in the original “Draft” folder.

From Scrivener’s point of view, “Draft copy” is just like any other folder, and is perfectly safe to delete. (Scrivener won’t let you delete the “special” Draft, Research, and Trash folders.)


Thank you for that! I realized also that my principal confusion is arising from the fact that I’ve created 3 Collections and have been working with them. Are there any dangers in deleting collections that aren’t needed to ease my confusion?

Deleting a Collection does not delete the component files so no, deleting a Collection is not especially risky.