Compile highlight colors to ODT

I searched the forum but I didn’t find a good answer to my issue. So I need your help, guys.
I have a text with several highlighted lines in different colors and several lines written in italic, but when I compile it to ODT, many highlighted lines disappear in the ODT document, many words written in italic become plain, many lines become bold etc…

Why does happen all this?

Is there a way to import the highlighted colors, italics, formatting without any problem to ODT?

(If I compile the same text to PDF, everything - formatting, highlighting, etc. - appears pretty correct.)


Which version of Scrivener are you using and which version of OS X? If you are on Scrivener prior to 2.5 or OS X prior to 10.7, do you have Java installed and have you set up the enhanced converters?

All the best,

OK. I updated Scrivener to 2.5 and now all seems to be pretty fine (OSX 10.8.5).