Compile highlight colors to RTF, DOC


This is my first message to the board, so hello and thanks in advance for the help. Also my first week with a Mac and my first time I’m trying to compile a work on Scrivener.

The document I’m trying to compile has several highlighted lines in different colors, when I compile the document in DOC or RTF format (I use the option Format As - Original), all the highlighted colors disappear from the final document. If I export, as a RTFD works ok, but I can’t use this format for the final formatting I need in LibreOffice.

Is there a way to import the highlighted colors to DOC or RTF format?


Hi, and welcome to the boards!

It sounds as though LibreOffice doesn’t support the RTF \highlight tag - not all word processors do (TextEdit doesn’t either), but unfortunately, using this RTF tag is necessary for the highlighting to appear in Word and certain other word processors. The only work around is to export to RTFD, open that in TextEdit and save it as RTF from there - TextEdit saves highlights as background colours (which get lost if you open the file in Word - unfortunately different word processors have different approaches).

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I just downloaded LibreOffice to test it, and it seems that it seems the \chcbpatN RTF tag for highlights instead of the \highlightN (where N denotes a number) tag. I may be able to do something about this in code, but in the meantime, what you could do is this:

  1. Export from Scrivener as RTF.

  2. Open the RTF in a plain text editor such as TextWrangler. This will allow you to see all the gibberish RTF codes that you don’t normally see.

  3. Search and replace “\highlight” with “\chcbpat”.

  4. Save.

  5. Open the modified file in LibreOffice. The highlights should now all be visible.

Unfortunately there are three different ways of storing highlights in RTF, and different word processors have taken to using different methods. I haven’t seen this one before.

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From my use of OpenOffice and now LibreOffice, and researching forums, neither handles RTF support well (or even reasonably well).

I never use Scrivener with LO, rather Nisus Writer Pro.