COMPILE - I love you!

I finished my NANO project very very late last night and was leaving the “compile” until this morniing, when I might be fresher minded. So, after searching for odd things that happened to others, and not finding too many I figured the only way to find out, is to try.
My Word program is very old, the 2000 version. Every one mentioned crashes and freezes. So I was holding my breath. Maybe it’s only the NEW versions that freeze.

Low and behold, my lovely chapters went in lickity split and no problems AT ALL!
I can edit the whole MSS and copy it to the NANO confirmation box which I’ve already done.

Thank you Scrivener. For all your help. Thank you!
You really should be a NANO PRIZE or something.

I really am looking forward to the full version in early Dec. WOW… I’m so pumped. Now the real work begins. :slight_smile:
Warm Thoughts

Congratulations! :slight_smile: