Compile ignores default formatting following block quote and makes paragraph flush left

Just converted to v3; using the “as is” section in compiler, following block quote style I get a flush left paragraph even though the text is set to “no style” default OR a style that is the same as the default. Shows in both iBook and mobi compiles. Tried PRESERVE FORMATTING, did not do anything. Is this a bug or have I set something incorrectly? I use the “as is” section because I have an PROLOGUE and EPILOGUE section and cannot use standard chapter numbering. TIA

Amazing what taking a shower can accomplish. I solved the problem by adjusting the TEXT LAYOUT options in Project Formats - deselecting all “Remove first line indents” - I do these via styles because of the occasional addition of a time/place heading preceding my first paragraph. Hope this helps someone else.

Thanks for posting your tip. In most cases “as-is” means “as-is”, but given the global nature of the ePub 3 and KF8 setting for this capability, the sanctity of what is in the editor itself can be infringed upon. Really in general ePub 3 and KF8 work differently under the hood in order to produce much cleaner, more easily editable book code.