Compile: Include All/None Pg Break; Keep Formatting?

You know how you can easily “Include All” or “Include None” of individual files when Compiling? Can you do the same with Pg Break Before & Keep Formatting? I feel I’m missing something obvious again.

There isn’t a little button in Compile, but you can toggle large numbers of documents at once using the Outliner. Simple select the Draft, choose Outliner mode, and Select All—then press Opt-RightArrow to expand your hierarchy completely. Now reveal the Page Break Before column, and then Opt-click on any checkbox not already checked. There isn’t a shortcut for that because most work in smaller sections in the Binder, and you wouldn’t want a page break in front of everything in that case.

You could do the same with Preserve Formatting, but that isn’t really what the feature is meant for. :slight_smile: That feature is meant to allow individual items to retain their formatting while everything else is set to a universal standard.

If you want the whole project to use whatever formatting is in the files—then simply turn off override formatting in the third tab of compile.

You can’t do this easily in the Compile Draft sheet, no, so you’re not missing anything there. In version 2.0 you’ll just be able to opt-click on a checkbox to apply to all, but for now, if you want to apply one of these options to a lot of documents at once, it’s best to load them in the outliner and reveal the necessary columns there - opt-clicking on a checkbox in the outliner will apply the setting to all documents visible in the outline.


P.S. D’oh, Ioa beat me to it.

Gee, not just one quick response, but two. After I sent the ?, I realized the Outliner way. But it will be easier to do during compile. Thanks. BTW: Anyone else mention that your Forum site seems slow-ish today? Not a big deal, but noticeably slower than usual and I don’t notice that on any other website. Best…David

Yes, I noticed the slowdown earlier as well, it seems to have sped up (a little) for me in the past few minutes though, so hopefully whatever was happening has past.