Compile Indent Issue

I’m seriously about to slam my head into my keyboard. I have formatted my novel, but there’s one issue I’m having…indents.

Inside of my novel there are two emails. I need them both to be indented .5 (block style) and NOT just hanging paragraphs. When I compile it and send it to my Kindle, it wraps the text.

The rest of the novel is 1st line spacing indention, but the two emails do not need to be. It NEEDS to be block!!! :smiling_imp:

This is not what I want. I want the whole body and all to be indented. PLEASE help. How can I possibly get this to do right?

Thank you!

The compiler doesn’t support block indentation for the ebook formats at the moment, so you’ll need to do a little post-processing on this using an EPUB editor like Sigil. (You can then use Amazon’s Kindle Previewer to open the edited EPUB file and it will automatically create a .mobi copy using its built-in KindleGen.) There’s a forum post discussing how to do this here. If you’ve only got two sections where you need the block formatting, that method may be overkill–you ought to be able to easily do it right in Sigil’s WYSIWYG editor, selecting the text and choosing Format > Increase Indent, without messing with any of the code.