Compile index

Hi, I´m back again with a compile problem. Hope you can help me

I compile an index and appears something should not be there. Is below the Preview of the book. I see Chapter 2. It´s not suppose to show! That “Chapter 2” is a document inside of folder “Preview of…”

Please see attachments. Thanks in advance.

Captura de pantalla 2015-05-17 a las 11.39.50.png

What do you have in the File -> Compile -> Separators pane?

ToC entries are generated based on page/section breaks in the manuscript. In this case, a page break between text documents (the first option in the Separators pane) would cause the results you’re seeing. The other chapters are fine because Chapter 2 of the preview is the only text document that follows another text document, rather than a folder.


thanks for your message, Katherine

I see the problem. Does it means that are not allowed to use a separator? As you said in the rest of chapters there is no separator, but in other book I remembered use separators without problem. Which is the solution to use separators and ToC properly?


I’m sorry, I wasn’t clear. The issue is that particular chapter is a different kind of document – a text document following a text document – from the others, and so a different portion of the Separators pane applies. So if you change that first text/text separator and leave everything else alone, you should be fine.

Another alternative would be to manually edit the ToC after you’re done, using something like Calibre.