Compile inserting extra spaces

To do a basic punctuation check I compiled the novel to docx.

Amongst other issues, some of which are my fault, I’m sure, duplication of spaces that just happen to occur at the displayed end of line in Scrivener is somewhat irksome as I can see no way to prevent it, and if it happens in e.g. PDF output it’s not editable either.

Evidence: Scrivener – note the absence of any displayed invisible space between “gestured” and “encouragingly”

Proof that there is a single space there comes from this:

However, in the compiled output in MS Word (2019, Windows 10, 64-bit), we find two spaces

I have no idea why it is “intermittent”, but I have seen it many times before and just assumed it was my mistake in the original and “corrected” the spacing.

PS Just found another instance in the next para…