Compile into a intermediary preview before exporting it to a file

As we compile our work, it would be great to have a preview. Sometimes we spend lots of time formatting, but the final product is not as good as we expect. Thus, I would suggest an intermediary preview of the compilation.

Intermediate how? Just compile a part of the project?
To show what the compiled version looks like you have to compile it, right? So how a preview before compile work?

The term in IT would be thumbnail preview, fairly applied to PDF files.

Thanks for polite and helpful interrogation. I am sure if implemented, it will help many users. :wink:

I think the problem with “preview” is that you need the final, compiled version before being able to preview it. When you “preview” the content of a pdf you have the pdf, not some kind of intermediate version preceeding the pdf.

If you compile a mobi file, how could you preview that it without a Kindle reader and the complete mobi file?

What would be helpful, I think, is a way for the compile dialogue to show a mockup of what a final page might look like, with header, footer, a title and som fake text.

You are right.

I was imagining a couple of pages preview, but your suggestion seems plausible.

lunk is correct - it would be great to be able to provide a preview, but there is simply no way of doing it. Apple provides a PDF viewer, so it would theoretically be possible to show a preview of a PDF file, but even then, it would have to compile the whole thing first if you wanted to see, for instance, an accurate table of contents in the preview (for page numbers to be correct). For other formats, though, the only way to show how the files will look with any accuracy is to open them in the relevant apps. A Quick Look preview might work for certain file types, but it will often be inaccurate (and ebooks cannot be shown that way). That’s why we are only able to show how the layouts look in the middle of the Compile pane - that’s about as close as we can get to a preview given all of the different factors involved.

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On the Mac, there is a preview of sorts that shows up during the compilation process, and you can extend that even further by selecting “Open in Preview” if you want to dig in further. Is this the kind of thing you’re asking about?