Compile is creating a duplicate manuscript

When I go to compile my project, I get the entire project twice. After the last chapter, it starts over at chapter one. When I compile, I get the story twice. Yet, when I go back to the edit mode, there’s only one version there, so there’s no way for me to know if there is a difference between the files. What can I do to fix this?

Probably there is a second copy buried in the Binder somewhere. It’s impossible to give a more detailed answer without looking at the project, but I would guess that you duplicated the Draft folder prior to a revision at some point.


I opened every single folder and it’s not there. I promise! Not sure if this is related, but I just upgraded from 2 to 3 and the method I was using to create a TOC is no longer working (just getting the ??s instead of the page numbers I used to get in my PDFs). Super frustrated!

You might also try using the search function to look for duplicate text.