Compile is driving me crazy!

I am playing Whac-a-Mole with Scrivener Compile. I fix one problem, then create another. I don’t think my needs are very unusual: I simply want to create a standard Fiction Manuscript, with …

Times Roman or Georgia Font 11 pts everywhere
Double Spacing everywhere
1" Margins all around
Standard Title Page
Standard Headers (Right Flush, Author Name / Title / Pg. No.)
Retain Italics and Underlines where used in Scrivener
Each Folder starts a new page and the title of each folder is a Chapter Heading

Does anyone have the magic formula that will produce this very standard result?

Start with “Standard Manuscript Format” (from the Format As: drop-down). In the “Quick Font Override” section, choose your preferred font.

If you start from that, then maybe you can list what isn’t right, and we can help you find where to tweak the compile settings.