Compile is driving me nuts

I’ve been playing around with the compile settings since I have to compile this coming week to send out to my beta readers. I will say it is easier than Scriv 2… I’d totally given in on that… but I figured Scriv 3 looks so much easier… I’m obviously an idiot… it’s driving me totally nuts! :cry:

My manuscript is sitting at 106k words right now. The version I make and look at on my iPad (so ePub) looks fine. However when I print to PDF I’m getting everything from 279 pages when I compile - which looks horrible and it’s really hard to read, just one line after another no spacing at all. If I serve that up to my beta readers who want PDF they are going to throw it in a corner and never read it.

So, I figured I’d try the whole duplicate and edit a theme… this is the idiot part since then it came out to over 1000 pages (that’s not right) lmao.

I’ll keep playing over the weekend (I’ve already tried 15 different compiles) but I think I’m going to be reduced to buying and using Vellum until some smart person comes up with a ‘compile for idiots guide’. That is no indication of the functionality of Scriv 3 Keith and crew… the writing side is awesome and I wouldn’t have got this far without it.

Maybe it will be lucky 16…

ok, I think I might be getting somewhere… maybe… kinda… 25 compiles later (there is an advantage to sitting in an airport lounge with nothing better to do)… touch wood…

I’m playing with the paperback format… I have a space between my paragraphs, little stars in between the ‘sections’ in the chapter and I just managed to get a space between the title and first paragraph of the chapter…

I really wish there was a live mockup like in vellum so I could see what a change does before I hit compile, then go out, open the file just so I can see what the setting did…

The only hope that I’m clinging to is once I get this done (if) I hopefully won’t have to do it again… well … until the next major update that is… lmao.

Don’t mind my ranting, or talking to myself (since there isn’t anyone around)… it’s like trying to talk ones way through a problem…

Of course, if you have the absolute best compile setting complete with a ‘for idiots’ guide that you want to share… :slight_smile:


Have you looked at this – it is a guide to upgrading from V2 to V3. It’s for people who are experienced in V2 and so need a quick roadmap to what has changed and it talks you through compilation and some of the other features.

For the other issues, could you give a little more detail about what the problems are?

One thing occurs to me is that if you’re giving the text out for comments, then rather than use the Paperback format, Proof Copy or Manuscript (Times) may be a better start bet.

Thanks for the reply Brookter. I think I’m getting somewhere. I was forgetting to select the ‘format’ for the different sections, or selecting the wrong ones, so it was kinda messed up lol. - and it’s not always intuitive, at least to me when looking at them what the resulting output is going to be until I compile and have a look at it.
I found the paperback version, that is what I am playing with now and that seems to be working out ok.
Of course my next ‘how the hell am I supposed to know’ moment is going to be answering that horrible question ‘how many pages is the book?’… I’ve no earthly idea after this compile business. lol

So in the nature of feedback on my frustration with compile - persistence pays off it seems. I managed to get both ePub and PDF versions to my beta readers.

Woohoo, Scrivener (I’m not silly enough to think it was my abilities at play here!)

Of interest feedback from one of my beta readers was that the kindle version was all screwy. So they downloaded the ePub version instead and said it was perfect.

I got lazy with the mobi version since BookFunnel indicated its software could produce that from the ePub version. So that obviously didn’t go well, better to learn now I guess!

I notice that there were two different versions of the mobi format in compile. I don’t actually have a kindle so can’t check to output (I have apple devices so can obviously check the ePub version), I take it one version of the mobi is an older one, the other newer?

Should I produce 2 different mobi formats or just one?