Compile is messing up bulleted lists

I have a Scrivener project page in which I imported a Word document that had a bulleted list, of 2 levels. It looks ok in Scrivener, but when I export it back out to Word, the list is messed up, like extra bullets have been inserted side by side on each line. What’s the fix for this?

What formatting are you exporting to? If RTF, ensure “Word-compatible bullets” is ticked in the RTF Compatibility pane of Compile. (Unfortunately, this is a known bug with Apple’s RTF exporter, but that tick box enables some fix-up code I implemented.)

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What formatting are you exporting to? If RTF,

I’m exporting to Word.



Hmm, in that case, try removing the bullets and reformatting them in Scrivener, then exporting again - hopefully that will clean them up. It might be there’s some junk formatting come in during the import. I haven’t seen this one for a long time, though, weird.

Yep, that did it. Should have thought of it myself. When I set the list to None, the bullet symbols stayed, which makes me thing Scrivener didn’t think it was a list when it imported it. Weirdly, when I tried to search and replace for the bullets (copied/pasted), it didn’t replace any. I think it might have a problem recognizing those bullet characters for processing. If helpful for debugging, I could send the raw Word paragraph that showed that behavior.