Compile: is there a way to ensure sections starting on a non-facing page?

Compiling my book to PDF, for some of my sections in the project, I’d like to make sure that they start on the right-side page, inserting a blank page if needed. I can, of course, add <$BLANK_PAGE> to the required spots, but that breaks when I change the text, font or page size. Is there a way to have Scrivener automatically add a blank page, if needed, to make a section start on an odd page number?

Go to the compilation dialogue and choose the format you want to use (e.g. PDF and Modern). Right click on the format and choose Duplicate and Edit (you can’t change the inbuilt formats, so you have to work on a copy).

In the new dialogue box, go to Section Layouts and highlight the layout you want to alter.

In the dummy box below, you’ll see a tab ‘New Pages’, under which there are two options which govern where this section or the next starts.

Click on the options to activate them, and you’ll be able to choose either ‘recto’ or ‘verso’.

Does that help?

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This particular feature, as described above, has not yet been added to the Windows version of the software.

I knew I shouldn’t have bought that new M1 laptop – now I can’t use Parallels to check on things like this…

Thanks for the replies! Manual <$BLANK_PAGE> it is then, until it’s added :slight_smile: