Compile issue- too long/big

Anyone have an idea what I’ve done wrong?

Been using scrivener for many years and never had an issue with compile. This current project, which should be around 300 pages of word (double spaced, 12pt TNR), seems to compile at around 1000 pages. When I fiddle about with the word format, it’s definitely at the correct font, font size, page layout, double spaced, but it’s still so long. How have I managed to do this? :blush:

You’re more likely to get a helpful response if you post this in the Technical support part of the forum, not in the part where users give examples of how they successfully use Scrivener…

Oops. Thanks

Have you checked for repetitions in the output? Maybe the draft folder has a few revisions in it that you duplicated or something.

In Scrivener, you should check Project->Statistics. That should tell you immediately if you have more words in your compile group than you’re expecting.