Compile issue- too long...

Anyone have an idea what I’ve done wrong?

Been using scrivener for many years and never had an issue with compile. This current project, which should be around 300 pages of word (double spaced, 12pt TNR), seems to compile at around 1000 pages. When I fiddle about with the word format, it’s definitely at the correct font, font size, page layout, double spaced, but it’s still so long. How have I managed to do this? :blush:

Any chance you inadvertently duplicated a folder containing lots of documents? Or moved a folder into your draft folder, say from Research?

What is your compile target - Word, PDF, ???

What is word count in your draft folder? I would think somewhere in the neighborhood of 75k-90k.

Do you have an older compiled version you can compare too? When you page through the current compiled version, are you seeing blank pages, duplicated pages, anything like that?


Thanks. No, it’s exactly the same document, just weirdly long. No duplications, nothing. I can’t edit it to be ‘normal.’ The only way I can get it to be the correct size is to C+P it into a correctly-formatted document. Which defeats the point of using scrivener as all the rest of my formatting dies… :cry:

It’s 93,000 words and I compile to word (not changed anything as far as I am aware)

If’ it’s not your content that’s changed, then it has to be your settings.

Want to post some screenshots of your compile settings, or list them here?

Hi Pingpong,

From what you have written, I presume you are compiling to .docx. Have you tried compiling to RTF? Word will open that perfectly well, and you’ll be avoiding a hidden, conversion stage in the process. Give it a try and see if that produces a better result.



At 250 words per page, 93,000 words should be 372 pages.

What is the word count of the Word output document?

If the word count is correct, and the formatting is superficially correct, the most likely issue is that some section in the middle is mis-formatted. For example, you might have a chunk that’s formatted as a very narrow table.

If a quick eyeball search through the Word document doesn’t find it, the next step is to do partial compiles to identify exactly which section is responsible for the anomalous page count.


Check the page size you are compiling to.

Slàinte mhòr.