Compile Issue

Compile has a bit of a usability issue – not a bug, but just the way it works. I’ve been using it to back up my manuscript, so as it gets larger (over 100 pages), it takes a little longer to process. After I click compile and select the file, the compile box stays open before the program starts the compile. That’s sometimes confused me, and I click compile a second time, thinking it didn’t work. When I do that, it processes the first compile, opens the file window again. I click cancel, and the compile thermometer stays stuck at zero (Screenshot 1). When I click close (haven’t tried Abort Conversion), then I get an unknown error (Screenshot2).

What file format are you compiling to? (That can make a difference.)

I’ve had the unknown error compiling to PDF with linux-native, and I get “May require MS Word to be installed” for compiling to PDF with the windows version (and wine).

I have two things:

  1. When I compile, the document doesn’t pop up with a note saying it’s finished the compile. It just closes. This causes me to think it didn’t suceed, while it actually did.

  2. This is actually a sort of bug. The first paragraph of every text section (i have the synopsis and document notes being compiled also) is underlined. I have the word ‘text’ set to underline, but of course, not the text itself.



Also just noticed there’s a typo in the dialogue box for “unknown error.”

Double-compile error noted, likewise typo.

This sounds like the sticky formatting bug, but with a new twist. Just so I’m clear, none of the text is underlined in the editor in Scrivener, just in the compile set up? So you’ve underlined the word “Text” in the formatting tab sample text and when you compile every paragraph immediately following an underlined “Text” is also underlined?