Compile Issue

New to the site. I would appreciate any help on this. I have a project where I am attempting to compile a single page. Whenever I compile, however, it only shows the first folder and the associated page. This is even when I select and edit a different page. I can’t figure out how to compile a different page other than the first page I created in the project on iOS. Any help on this would be great.

Hi Josheua…

A couple of things come to mind:

iOS Compile.jpg
Compile will include everything contained in the Draft* folder/container. In the lefthand side of the above screenshot (it’s a bit grayed, so squint a bit), you can see the Binder hierarchy. In this case, the folder named Test and documents named Two and Three would be compiled. If you’ve placed folders and/or documents outside of the Draft folder––in this case, the document named Four and folder Five––they will not be compiled. Note the hierarchal/level difference of the items. The compiled items are children of the Draft folder/container; think outlining.

Another possibility would be to check the Inspector of the relevant items. There’s a few ways to access it. In the above screenshot (the Inspector is the bright section in the middle), I’ve accessed it by long-pressing on the folder in the Binder named Test. For your relevant item(s), at the Inspector bottom, in the section titled Document Settings, check the toggle for Include in Compile.

If you’ve not yet, it’ll help your understanding if you go through (or repeat) the tutorial that’s included with iOS Scrivener. It’s located at the first screen you see when you open Scrivener––the Projects Screen. You’ll learn how to create and move things into and out of the draft folder (or other container), and how to change their outline level, and much more.

There’s also some videos here: … als?os=iOS

*Note that the Draft folder might be named something different. It can be renamed by the user. It might also be named Manuscript, for instance, if the user began the project with desktop Scrivener’s novel template.