Compile issues

So, when I compile my work into .pdf format my footnote shows up at the end of the document instead of at the bottom of the page where the note is attached. how do i fix this?

Export to RTF, open the file in a dedicated word processor, and print from there - Scrivener is not a page layout program so generating a PDF directly only supports endnotes.

Hope that helps.

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I tried what you suggested but the format that scivener had is totally messed up. the quotations don’t transfer, and the spacing is off.

Incidentally, I would love to be able to have it so that compile to PDF would handle end-of-page footnotes eventually (as would many users), so this is certainly something on the long-list for the future. It’s just a massive, massive job, which is why it’s usually only full-on word processors and layout programs developed by teams that have this feature (every page laid out has to have its footnotes examined, their vertical size taken into consideration, and then the page has to be adjusted and re-laid out with the footnotes at the bottom, which has a knock-on effect on the pages following, and then you have to deal with situations where the footnotes might be bigger than a page in themselves… it makes my head hurt even thinking about it :slight_smile: ). So I figure that until we have the resources it’s better to concentrate on Scrivener’s core features - the things you can’t do in a word processor - and leave word processors to handle the things they are great at.

Hope that makes sense!

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just reading your explanation makes my head hurt and it totally made sense :smiley: .


Did you check the formatting pane in the compile settings? This sounds like stuff that could all be fixed there. Were you using the same settings for the PDF compile as you used for the RTF compile? It sounds like you may have done a “compile as is” for the PDF (thus getting an output that matched what you saw when editing in Scrivener) but done a formatting override when you compiled as RTF. You could either deselect the “override formatting” checkbox in the Formatting pane or else just adjust the formatting there to match what you want your output to look like (giving you the freedom to use different sizes, spacing, fonts, etc. when editing but have it all clean and professional when you compile).

By “quotations” do you mean special indented formatting? If that’s the case, and you’re overriding formatting, you’ll want to select that special text in Scrivener and use the Format>Formatting>Preserve Formatting feature so that come compile, if you override formatting, you can click the “options” button and apply special settings to the Preserve formatting style (allowing you to maintain the indents even when overriding it for everything else).

I haven’t had my morning caffeine yet, so if all that was just way too confusing let me know and I’ll try to go over it more clearly once my brain is less fuzzy. :wink:

Which word processor did you open it in? Exporting as RTF and opening it in Word, Nisus, OpenOffice or Mellel should work fine…
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