Compile Issues

I’ve seemed to run into some compile issues. At first, I had no issues with the compile. As I make my way further into the novel, I now notice that my chapter 4 and chapter 5 get pushed together during compile and only labeled as Chapter 4 with subsequent chapters being labeled wrong. I can not seem to figure out what went wrong and why it worked until I reached my chapter 7.

I have my manuscript organized like this and so on for each chapter:

Chapter 1 (Folder)
Scene 1 (text)
Scene 2 (text)
Scene 3 (text)

When I compile, I want the folder title to be present for the beginning of each chapter. Any help is greatly appreciated.

Check the folder that isn’t printing a title (it sounds like that is the 5th folder, from your description) and open the Inspector with the blue ‘i’ button on the toolbar. Check in the “General” section in the middle for a checkmark beside “Compile As-Is”, and disable it if it is on. That setting will cause the section to literally print out as-is, which means no title will be added to it in this case.

So, if this is a problem for a number of folders you would obviously need to check each one. It could be you’ve been duplicating off of the last folder to make a new chapter, thus copying the “As-Is” flag all along from one folder to the next. By default this flag will always be disabled.

Worked. Thank you. Now I’m embarrassed about how easy that was :blush: