Compile--Just to see manuscript

Dear Friends: Hope all is well. I’m wondering if there is a feature in Compile to just see the manuscript (rather than Print, PDF, etc.) Just to see what the manuscript looks like. I thought that option was available in Scriv 1. I’m now using Scriv 3. Many thanks.

Are you thinking of Scrivenings mode in the Editor?

The Compile command always produces an output document in some form. “See what the manuscript looks like” isn’t meaningful until you define the format you’re interested in.

I see no downside to compiling a PDF.

Many thanks for your prompt reply. I think you’re right. Perhaps I was thinking of the Scrivenings mode. I’ll check that out now. Much appreciate your help.

There was a "Preview* selection in the compiler, in v1. It was removed because it was never terribly accurate anyway (particularly with some intended outputs), and the barrier to just compiling what you want and opening it in native software to view it properly is so very low.

If it’s a matter of wanting to avoid file clutter from tests, consider making for yourself a temporary working area that you only save things into with no intention of keeping long term, and routinely deleting everything from the folder (kind of like how you would treat the Downloads folder, and indeed you could just use Downloads).

On my systems I have automation that keeps this folder clean for me, deleting anything that hasn’t been modified in three hours, so it’s not even something I think about. I’m not sure how to do that in Windows though.

Many thanks Amber for your reply. That’s what I was referring to in my original post. Thanks also for your good suggestions. Much appreciated. --Joe

Oh, one other thing worth mentioning is that the new version has a checkbox that will load what you compile automatically. The setting is Open compiled document in default application, in the Options tab on the right side of the compile overview window.

Many thanks Amber. Much appreciate your extra efforts. A good option to remember.
Best wishes,