Compile Manuscript Crashes Scrivener 1.5

I’ve begun moving content from a large manuscript back into Scrivener. (It was originally drafted in Scrivener but was moved to Pages a year ago, I’m moving it back now to do some major reconstruction.) After moving a few chapters of text into a new project, created with the Novel Standard Manuscript Format template I tried a test Compile Manuscript and Export. The blue progress bar moves all the way to the right but then Scrivener hangs, using 100% of the CPU. I have to force quit. I’ve tried a dozen times (varying settings, re-creating the project from scratch, etc.,…) with the same result. If I create a “Empty” project (if I don’t use the Novel template) and create a single New Text document inside the project that project will compile and export. But none of my efforts with the Novel template have avoided the crash/freeze. I’ve re-downloaded Scrivener 1.5 and reinstalled. No change. I’ve re-installed the Extras a couple times, no change.



Can you zip up the project and send it to me at support AT literatureandlatte DOT com so that I can test it? Also, are you running Leopard or Tiger?


10.5.6 Leopard. It’s on its way.

By the way, I should also mention that when I restart Scrivener after the crash it automatically opens the project twice (I get two copies of the error dialog telling me that the file was not closed properly). When I quite Scrivener normally (just selecting Quit, not trying to compile a manuscript) this doubling does not happen.

That would generally suggest that you have two copies of the project on disk somewhere as Scrivener cannot open any one project twice at the same time (this is part of the underlying document structure it inherits from OS X).

Anyway, thanks for the file. I just replied to let you know that it’s not crashing for me, and requesting your preferences settings as it may be a clash there. Also, if you could let me know the sort of computer you are using (PPC or Intel, basic specs) that would help too. If you’re using any Intel machine though, I should be able to reproduce it.

Thanks and all the best,