"Compile Manuscript" exports some sections twice

Hello, friendly forum. I searched for this problem but came up empty handed. When I use the “compile manuscript” function to see how what I’ve written looks in Word or PDF, some sections are exported twice. In the options window, everything is checked once. Here are the screenshots:

. I hope that worked. Any ideas? Thanks


Try Option-Clicking on the Draft. It might take a second or two, but once the editor comes up you should see your entire book available for editing. Scroll through that and see if you can find the duplicates there as well. If so, they exist in the text itself. There isn’t a way to set the compiler to use a source document twice, this is why I ask. It’s possible you have found a bug, but the first thing that comes to mind is that you have some sections accidentally duplicated in the binder.

Thanks for the Option+Click trick. I’m new to Scrivener and I didn’t know about it. I did Option+Click and saw the culprit section duplicated. The part is only written once in the various folders in the binder, so perhaps it is a bug. Thanks again!


Hi Mike,

I doubt it is a bug as Scrivener cannot duplicate items in that list; more likely if you double-check the folders you will find the item twice there. However, if I am wrong and an item that definitely appears only once in the Draft appears twice in the Compile Draft list, please zip up the project and send it to support AT literatureandlatte DOT com so that I can take a look (the only way I can fix bugs is to see them for myself).


All the best,

Here is another trick, with the Draft Option-clicked like that, place your cursor in one of the duplicates and click anywhere in the text. Now you are actively editing that part of the Binder. Press Cmd-Opt-R to Reveal in Binder. This takes whatever you are currently editing, and selects it in the Binder for you. Doing this will dismiss the rest of the book and focus on that one duplicate. Now you should have the precise location of it, and be able to check the surrounding items to find the double text. It might very well be in a folder above or below it. Folders can contain text, and this can cause strange behaviour in Compile until you are used to it.