Compile > Manuscript > Section Type (won't change)


I previously changed all the section types to “Headed Section” but my publisher told me to make heading format specific to level so, now, I want to change it back to “Structure-Based.” Every time I try to change an entry to Structure-Based it doesn’t set and immediately reverts to “Headed Section.”

How can I change these individually or preferably all at once?

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I think I’m almost there. I needed to change the Section Types in Project Settings because all of the folders were set to “Structure-Based” Section Types.

But, the “All folders” and “All file groups” assignments are overriding all of my hierarchy settings. How do I get the Default Types by Structure assignments to ignore those two items?

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I’m not exactly sure what you mean by “overriding”. Looking at the screenshot of your contents pane and your current project settings, your compile section types should be looking like this (if, of course, you haven’t selected section types manually in compile):

  • Introduction (folder) → N/A
  • Motivation (file group) → N/A
  • Nihilism vs Unrealistic Optimism (level 3) → Sub-Heading
  • Book Structure (level 1) → Chapter
  • Target Audience (level 1) → Chapter


What about the folders and file group assignments are you wanting to change?

Thank you. It appears that all folders and file groups are assigned N/A when compiling even if they are, for example Level 1 files that should be chapters. The first two section type assignments are taking precedence.

I found a workaround by saving the hierarchy as a file, editing the file, and reloading it.