Compile Margins Problem

Has anyone dealt with margin issues in Scrivener? I just ran a test compile and while the word document indicates 1" margins, several scenes have larger margins. I’m also not convinced that the paragraph indents are correct. Any help would be much appreciated!

Paragraph indents are probably precisely the problem. If formatting can all be safely overridden during compile, that would surely be the easiest approach to getting a cleaner output. In the Formatting compile option pane, check off the override option at the top, and then click on the icon type that is used to store text (usually the plain file icon). In the lower half of this pane, set up the way the body text should appear using the formatting tools. You shouldn’t need to be mess with either indent marker on the ruler here. If that works for you, great, that’s one of the things Scrivener is meant to help you out with: write sloppy, print clean.

If you do need extensive formatting in the editor retained, however, it might be easier to just go into those sections with indents and remove them. To remove a right-indent, drag the marker all the way to the right of the ruler.