Compile Metadata HELP

:cry: So I am using the compile feature pretty extensively now, to generate step-outlines and outlines and many other useful tools. I would like to be able to compile a step-outline that only includes the keywords from “meta-data” but I can’t seem to do that. It’s kind of an all or nothing thing-- if I include meta-data with my compile I get TONS of metadata, including lots of labels (“File Create Date:”) and data (“June 2, 2013”) that I don’t want. Is there any way to refine the meta-data that gets included in a compile? To compile keywords only, and not label them “keywords”?

(In my exhaustive search of this forum, I came across one tantalizing screenshot that showed Metadata in the far left column of the compile window, but I don’t have that, only “Content/Separators/Formatting/Transformations/Replacements/Footnotes-Comments/Page settings”.

The Meta-Data panel you saw in a screenshot is for setting up the meta-data of the entire compiled work, not its components, and as such it will only be activated for those output formats that support the concept of meta-data. Compiling straight to your printer, for instance—there is no need to attach meta-data to the document that is sent to the printer, but for e-books, meta-data is so vital that we won’t even let you compile without filling in a few crucial fields.

As for selective and custom output in the compiler, there are not any tools for that yet. The compiler’s initial design phase was not meant to go much beyond standard document output, rather than extensive report generation and such. We’ll be introducing features in the future to broaden its scope, and among them will be the ability to select individual pieces of meta-data for export.

Thank you as always for your quick and eloquent reply.

Suppose I want to print a document that has keywords and scene headings-- any suggestions? My current thinking is to export to Word, and then search and cut all metadata but the keywords.

My goal is to quickly scan the outline and make sure that I am tracking important characters consistently-- I love the idea of using keywords to track characters in a project, and find the “search for keyword” feature quite helpful, but would also like a way to see where those characters fall in relation to the project as a whole. Hope that makes sense.

Thanks again,


Yes, I see what you are going for. In fact we have some features planned for making what you are trying to do easier directly in the software, too. For instance the ability to add keywords as a column in the Outliner is planned, and that will make it trivial to scan down you entire draft looking for important keywords. Another tool that already exists is the colour-coding on index cards. If the number of keywords you are tracking is fairly small, that can be a useful way to get an overview. You can turn these on with View/Corkboard Options/Show Keyword Colors.

Right now I think what you suggest is best: just use Word to search and replace out the extra meta-data you don’t need.

The outliner view you are planning is exactly what I am looking for. I am so impressed by how hard you all keep working on adding features to a tool that works so well already. I look forward to it.