Compile MMD-->Latex


I´m quite new with using scrivener. I managed to set up the MMD installation an I can produce a .tex file.
However I´m struggling with the output.
The file “Filename.tex” is created within a folder “Filename”. How can I manage to create simply the tex file? Or where do I have to store my latex-input, my bib-file and my pictures I wanna include to create a nice structure?

If you are using the mmd additional latex files, then you should store them, and any other latex input files in library/texmf/tex/latex/mmd/

The bibtex file should go in library/texmf/bibtex/bib/ (nothing special there)

For images, if you include those in your Scrivener project – either as images dropped into the draft, or using mmd syntax but with a Scrivener link to the file name – they will be exported into the same folder as the .tex file, and will be picked up when you typeset.

How the compile folder is handled is described in the user manual, §22.5.1, Compile Folder, pg. 329 onward. If you want a static folder with support materials (rather than using the texmf system) then you will find instructions for setting up a permanent compile folder.