Compile MMD to FODT file extension problem

Two problems compiling to FODT.

(1) In the Compile dialog in Scrivener I select “MultiMarkdown to Open Document Flat XML(.FODT)”. When I click the Compile button I get a standard Windows Save As dialog. In the Save As Type list, the default option is “File Type (.odf)". Since I have explicitly selected FODT in Scrivener, this should be FODT, not ODF. To see the existing FODT files it is necessary to go through the extra step of manually selecting "All Files (.*)” (Note: the problem here is small but annoying: it actually does save FODT, not ODF.)

(2) Once the Save As dialog shows the existing FODT file, it is standard behavior to allow the user to click on an existing file name. This file name then appears in the File Name box. The user then clicks Save, and the default behavior should be to overwrite the existing file. Scrivener instead adds “.fodt” to the end of the existing file name. For example, if the file name is “test.fodt” Scrivener produces “test.fodt.fodt” and creates file with a new filename. It should be simply “test.fodt”

Why does this matter? It is often necessary to compile a document a few times to get it right. When doing this, my workflow involves copying over the existing file, so as to avoid retyping the file name again and again. The behavior above makes this much harder than it needs to be. I also think (hope?) that this should be straightforward to correct.