Compile: mmd to pdf lost in El Capitain

I have texlive 2015 installed on my mac (I use it almost every day), hence I suppose I have pdflatex installed. Since I write in Scrivener in multimarkdown and usually I export in mmd or LaTeX, I did not often needed that particulary option. Last year, when I was on Yosemite and TexLive 2014, I used it.
I know, I can use Marked 2 with Scrivener. It is very handy when i print/pdf for myself or my collaborators. But in some other cases:

  • mmd2pdf gives me the possibility to use directly memoir or article options,
  • sometimes it’d be useful to print directly pdf from Scrivener mmd.

Can somebody help me?
I don’t understand where I am wrong.

Thanx in advance


Versions installed:

  • MAc OS X: 10.11.3
  • Scrivener: 2.7
  • TeXLive: 2015
    Note: “mmd“ (downloaded from Fletcher’s GitHub repo) is installed in “/Users/frix/Library/texmf/tex/latex/mmd”

Here is a thread with some help on that.

The my pdflatex is into the incorrect folder for Scrivener.

I knew that kind of problem in El Capitan. I have dealt with it with TeXShop but, there, the solution was inside the app, see

So I’d need to know if with Scrivener I must create a simlink (with the terminal) or if there is a solution like in texshop. If you know that soon you will put the solution in an update, I can wait for it.

I’m not too in confidence with Terminal.
Could you show me the exact code I must type in it for:

  1. temporarily disable SIP
  2. create the a symlink for Scrivener
  3. enable SIP

without create problems for my Mac OS?

Thanx in advance


Unfortunately there is no command-line customisation in Scrivener, the path it looks to for pdflatex is hard-coded and thus you’ll need to make a symlink as described. The post that I linked to had precise instructions on what to type at the bottom of the thread.

You can enable SIP again after you’re done, or not. I chose not to, personally I don’t really care to have Apple deciding which parts of the UNIX file system I’m allowed to make use of. But if you don’t use this stuff frequently, I suppose it wouldn’t hurt anything to leave it on.