Compile MMD to RTF Problem

Latest Mac OS, Scrivener 2.3.1

When I compile MultiMarkdown to Rich Text rtf, the output looks like HTML to me. I open it in TextEdit or MS Word and again, it looks like HTML with tags, not formatted text. Not sure what I’m doing. Is there a known issue with the way that Scrivener outputs MMD to RTF?

Can’t explain why, but I’m not seeing this problem anymore. I wonder if it could be certain compile settings.

I believe it is, yes - I remember this coming up before, and it’s something to do with MMD 3.0 settings - I was hoping Ioa would reply as he dealt with it. I’ll point him in this direction.

Scrivener has switched to using MultiMarkdown version 3.6 internally, and there are a few high-level changes to be aware of when upgrading from MMD2. One of these is that there is now an implied snippet mode, rather than an intentional one. In the past, if you wanted a full document rather than a snippet, you would add “Format:complete” to your meta-data (and in fact, Scrivener did this for you, since the vast majority of Scrivener users are making documents, not snippets of text to paste into an existing website). This system is no longer used, and that meta-tag now does nothing. What establishes whether or not a file is a document or a snippet is the presence of meta-data keys (with the exception of two that are relevant to snippets as well; quote style and base header level). If you’ve removed all of the meta-data from your Scrivener settings then it will no longer be creating a proper document, and this confuses the RTF converter. The converter requires a valid HTML file, not a text file that immediately starts off with a paragraph tag or what have you.

So to solve this, simply make sure your compile settings have at least one meta-data key. Commonly used keys are Title, Author, date, etc. Read the MMD documentation for a full list of them if you do not find any of these to be suitable.