Compile Mystery: Destination Undefinable

The Scrivener tutorial shows Compile bringing up a destination template as a part of the process. I’ve been trying to compile my latest manuscript, but no destination template appears and no menu item offers an opportunity to define a destination when invoking Compile. What gives? Just wondering. RSVP. Thanks.

I’ve never seen or heard of any destination template in Scrivener. There is a drop down dialog for selecting the kind of file you want to create: docx, pdf, etc.

When you issue the Compile command, you’ll have the opportunity to tell Scrivener where to put the file. Is that what you mean?

Okay, drop down dialogue then. I do not see a drop down destination dialogue when I invoke the Compile command. I’m wondering if I need to hit a special key or something to see/define a destination for the compile result.

I mean that I do not seem to be given an opportunity to tell Scrivener where to put the resulting file. Nothing seems to happen. I click the Compile button and the screen doesn’t even flicker.

Just for good measure, try choosing the File > Compile menu item instead.

Also, if you are running the latest Mac OS, be sure you are running a compatible version of Scrivener (e.g., the latest 3.2.3).

Thanks. Yes, I’m running SC 3.2.3. I get the same results whether I use File-Compile or the Compile button. …

Are you able to configure the Compile settings? That is, are you getting no response at the very beginning, or after you’ve configured everything?

After I’ve chosen configuration options, I hit the Compile button and nothing happens. I understand that I’m supposed to be able to define destination for the compiled manuscript and also to review the compiled document, getting there from the Compile page. I don’t get any of that.

I wonder if there are combinations of selections which disable Compile, like certain combinations create some uncomputable contradiction? I was just trying to compile a proof copy to a .docx formatted file. Nada.

Please open a support ticket, here:

The fastest way to resolve this may be for us to look at the project directly.

Okay. I’ve only been using Scrivener for a decade or so, so I’m still a relatively naive and unknowledgeable user. It often baffles me and sends me slinking. I’ll open the sup[port ticket. Thanks for the suggestion!

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Just to note, for anyone experiencing a similar issue and looking for a solution, this was solved by a simple reboot of the Mac. Since the file dialogue box is largely a function of the system itself, malfunctions with it tend to either stem from network drives responding slowly, system issues or third-party plugins that modify how it works, in my experience.

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If strange things start to happen in macOS it probably means you haven’t rebooted the machine since spring break. :upside_down_face:

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