Compile not centering centered objects in document

I’m inserting a small .png image into my document and centering it. When I output it using Kindlegen, it shows up nicely but is left-justified. Is there some option I can use to retain the document settings?

In the editor, select the centred image and choose Format > Formatting > Preserve Formatting. That will keep the image using the alignment and other formatting applied in the editor rather than being overridden with the compile formatting.

Doesn’t work, unfortunately. I can right click on the image but there’s no format option; if I click on it and then use the toolbar commands with it selected, the centering is not preserved on output. This is with the latest Windows version.

Is there any way to put like a one-cell table in and center the image inside, maybe? I’ve used that trick in Word before . . . EDIT . . . nope, that doesn’t work, either.

EDIT2 . . . figured it out using your tip from here:

Retroactive thanks! :wink: