Compile not correctly using chapter titles or formatting.

I’m not sure this is a bug, a known issue, or whether I’m doing or not doing something I need to.

I’m using the beta version of the windows client, the latest release candidate. When I go to compile a project to pdf it isn’t correctly inserting the chapter titles. It was using the number. I played around with the compile settings for several hours figuring I was just missing something, however nothing I seemed to do changed the formatting at all. In frustration I closed it then opened it on my mac and the project compiled just fine.

I then changed some formatting, saved and moved back to windows. The preview of the styles in the compile window correctly showed the changes I had made while I was using the mac client, but when I compiled it on windows again it compiled with what I would describe as “default formatting”, I didn’t notice this at first because I was set on trying to get the chapter titles to show, but the windows compile didn’t apply the styles or the change in chapter markers (I’d moved to using <$W>). Once again, the style changes made showed in the compile format window on the windows version, but the compiler seemed to completely ignore it.

I’d appreciate any tips to get this to work.

Just a quick update, I’m still having this same issue under the new beta version for windows. I’ve added screen caps to show the issue. This is the same test file compiled on both mac and windows. As I mentioned in the first post, the compile window in the windows version shows the same thing as the Mac one you can see in the background.

Update: This issue appears to have now disappeared for me. Upon a test file compile today it compiled with the titles intact. I’m not really sure what caused this issue, since I did nothing to change settings. Only changes to my PC have been a windows update (though I find it unlikely that changed anything).

The only thing I can viably think of is that during the compile the file was not properly drawing from the settings files in dropbox even though it recognised that the customised compile layout existed. My internet has not be fantastic of late so it’s conceivable to me it might struggle to get some files downloaded, but even then I never open a project till dropbox has fully synced. It is strange that if this was indeed the issue that it existed across a few weeks and two beta candidates with a full reinstall.

The only other potential problem I can see is that the first time I was compiling I was compiling without having changed various formatting, and that for some reason the programme decided to compile against that initial profile even after it was changed. Just to re-iterate both the file concerned and the test file I made compiled fine on Mac, but was consistently compiling in the windows client against some other (default) profile despite the compile windows clearly showing the correct compile profile.