Compile not formatting indents

One chapter of my manuscript is not formatting correctly, despite all others being fine within the same file.
All are set to No Style, but this particular chapter compiles to have no indents throughout.
Is this a known bug and how do I correct this without having to re-type the entire chapter to a new Text page?

You need to show an image of your compile serup and what section types you have assigned to different parts, etc.

Not sure if this is what you mean.
However when I use these settings for other chapters, they compile just fine with the indents
All section types are structure-based. I’ve tried changing this buggy one to Chapter and still have the same problem

How is the problem chapter different?

Was it imported from other software?

Does it uses tabs for paragraph indentation? Any other special formatting, like tables?


Could you show which section types the different parts of your text are given?

No special formatting in any chapter, no use of tabs or tables. They are all simply No Style.
When I compile the entire manuscript all other chapters format just fine with tabs according to the compile instructions but not this one.
All the chapters were written in Scrivener. I occasionally import a sentence or two of notes I’ve dictated on my phone. I’ve had the same problem with one other chapter in a different manuscript (different file), but I frequently copy notes across from the same Mac Notes so I can’t imagine this is the problem.

Attached are my Project Settings

I think I’ve half-solved the problem. For some reason the buggy document is showing as a Level 1 file, whilst all the rest are Level 2. How to I change that when it is Structure based?

The offending chapter probably deviates in some way. Look at it in the Binder. Any differences in levels of sub-documents?

Sorry, I was wrong in my previous post - too late at night!. All text files, including the buggy one, are showing as Level 2.
If I create a new folder and a new text file, and copy my writing into this, I have the same problem. Ditto if I simply copy the writing to another folder/file that currently compiles correctly. So its something wrong with the formatting of the text, yet it is set to No Style.
I’ve tried re-formatting the text to another Style, re-compiling, then re-setting back to No Style, but still the same problem.
I have finally solved the problem by eliminating all the line breaks then re-inserting them. Not something I would want o do with an entire manuscript, or on a regular basis though, so it would be good to understand how this ‘corruption’ might have occurred.

This kind of problem is usually more easily solved (or at least with less difficulty) if you have ‘show invisibles’ turned on. Maybe you had line breaks instead of paragraph breaks?